Underfloor Heating

Here at Liquid Screed Pumping, our specialists can undertake a full range of services for underfloor heating in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and across the UK.

Underfloor Heating Norfolk

Underfloor heating is a modern, efficient and cost-effective method of heating homes and other buildings. It is one of the fastest growing markets in the sector for domestic and commercial heating solutions across the UK.

Underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through pipes fitted beneath your floor, and heats your home/building from the floor upwards. As the pipes are fitted right across the floors, it provides a reliable and even warmth with no cold spots in the room as you may get with radiators and other heating methods.

Underfloor heating is practical and flexible as it can be used as the sole method of heating, or be used in conjunction with other central heating systems. It can be installed across the building, on all levels, or be used on single levels or even just in one room.

Liquid Screed Pumping installs underfloor heating systems in Norfolk and across the UK that are based on the development of complex, high quality plastic pipes, such as the multi-layer pipe which is now the system of choice in the European market. The design of these pipes reduces energy consumption by using low water temperatures, making the system ecologically and economically sound.

Liquid Screed Pumping can install underfloor heating in Norfolk and the UK as part of the screeding process. Please call us for a quote or to find out more.

What Our Clients Say

With lots of floor screeding companies to choose from in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and across the UK, it can be a tough choice to choose the right company. It's easy to say how great we are so here's a few testimonials from some of our clients:

Floor Screeding Client

“Thank you both an extremely good job done. We are very happy with end product and thank you for the advice and assistance offered form quote to installation. Tom has asked me to pass on his appreciation and says it was a pleasure to have you both on site.”

Ken & Jane
Floor Screeding Client

“During this construction of our new build we looked around at various liquid screed installers, we came across Liquid Screed Pumping who where highly recommended by our friends who used them on their self build.”

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Floor Screeding Norfolk
Floor Screeding Norfolk
Floor Screeding Norfolk
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