Preparation Guide

We have put together the following guidelines for the best practice in preparing the floor ready for our liquid flow screeding services.

Preperation Guide

Within your slip membrane are required to be over lapped by 300mm and taped and sealed using a suitable tape. It is advised to use a 500 gauge/125mu polythene membrane minimum. This membrane is used to provide a separating layer between the insulation and the screed. Foil back insulation reacts with acids in the screed ruining surface finish.

It is essential that an 8-10mm extruded polyethylene compressible strip with polythene skirt is placed around all external, internal walls and partitions also including vertical pipe ducts and anything else protruding through the slab. This should be fitted to the full depth of material.

We recommend the installation of expansion/contraction joints in all door thresholds to control the aspect ratios between rooms. Also these jointsare required to separate the under floor heating zones within the building. This joint can also be called a movement/control joint. This helps control movement within the screed due to expansion and contraction. Placing these within door thresholds allows for floor coverings such as tiles to also have a movement joint installed without it being in an unsightly place. Without such control joints cracking may occur. Joints should also be placed where the bay length is over 40 linear metres (un-heated) or the aspect ratio is greater than 8:1, 20 linear metres (heated) or the aspect ratio is greater than 6:1.

Conduits to be housed within the screed, such as under floor heating pipes must be well secured to the insulation boards using the correct fixing process for the specified system. Minimum screed cover over the conduits should always be achieved.

We will control the levels of the floor by deploying adjustable tripods throughout the area. These will be set using a laser level, staff and a single datum provided by the customer.

What Our Clients Say

With lots of floor screeding companies to choose from in Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and across the UK, it can be a tough choice to choose the right company. It's easy to say how great we are so here's a few testimonials from some of our clients:

Floor Screeding Client

“Thank you both an extremely good job done. We are very happy with end product and thank you for the advice and assistance offered form quote to installation. Tom has asked me to pass on his appreciation and says it was a pleasure to have you both on site.”

Ken & Jane
Floor Screeding Client

“During this construction of our new build we looked around at various liquid screed installers, we came across Liquid Screed Pumping who where highly recommended by our friends who used them on their self build.”

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Floor Screeding Norfolk
Floor Screeding Norfolk
Floor Screeding Norfolk
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