Liquid Floor Screeding

Our specialist contractors provide a wide range of services for liquid floor screeding in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and across the UK.

Liquid Floor Screeding

Here at Liquid Screen Pumping, we provide liquid floor screeding services in Lincolnshire, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire. Liquid Screed is designed to provide a smooth level surface in both commercial and domestic buildings prior to the application of finished floor finishes and is fast becoming the popular choice for use with underfloor heating giving you an exceptional and professional finish.

Liquid Floor Screed

Liquid flow screed is fast becoming more popular than traditional standard sand and cement screeds. Liquid Screed Pumping offer a standard liquid flow screed that gives an exceptionally smooth, level surface and is ideal for use in both residential and commercial properties.

Faster to lay than traditional screeds, with installation rates of up to 200m2 and drying times that allow foot traffic after 48 hours, liquid flow screed reduces costs as well as the risks of cracking.

Liquid flow screed offers the benefit of being highly effective when used in conjunction with underfloor heating because it conducts heat extremely well. Energy consumption is reduced as the floor heats evenly and quickly due to the liquid screed flowing around and enclosing the underfloor heating pipes.

Thermal Screed

Liquid Screed Pumping offer an environmentally friendly thermal screed solution, designed to maximise the benefits of both water and electric underfloor heating. This type of liquid screed provides greater efficiency in home heating systems, due to the higher thermal transfer of heat – up to 80% faster than cement screeds.

The liquid screed wraps around the underfloor heating pipes, eliminating air pockets and heating the floor evenly and quickly, thereby reducing energy consumption. The high efficiency of the thermal screed means that the boiler or heat pump works more efficiently, helping to save fuel and reduce the cost of heating bills.

Ultra Thin Screed

Offering a unique option for thin floor constructions, our ultra-thin screed is the ideal choice where height is restricted. Liquid Screed Pumping use Gyvlon EXCELIO®, a thin and pumpable liquid screed. This strong and durable screed can be applied at a minimum of only 12mm in depth. 

Ultra-thin screed is a ready-mixed, fast-drying screed that can be installed quickly and allows foot traffic in only 48 hours. It is a good cost-effective alternative to smoothing compounds, as when pumped, each cubic meter can cover 83m2, saving significant time in comparison to the more expensive bagged screeds.

Typical applications for ultra-thin screed include refurbishment of uneven floors, adding a layer over poorly levelled screed floors, and where the floor to ceiling height is very restricted.

Cemfloor Liquid Screed

Liquid Screed Pumping provide various high grade Cemfloor screed products for domestic and commercial projects. Its free-flowing properties enable quick installation speeds and reduced drying times, making it ideal for use with a variety of floor coverings such as tiles, hardwood floors and laminates, underfloor heating systems and large-scale projects. Our Cemfloor products include:

  • Cemfloor Therm – Specifically designed for use with underfloor heating systems. Can be installed at thinner depths than traditional sand and cement screeds.
  • Cemfloor Non-Heated (NH) – A high performance, quick drying cement-based free-flowing, self-compacting liquid screed. Offers minimum shrinkage and can receive footfall in 24-48 hours.
  • Cemfloor High Performance Concrete (HPC) – A high performance, self-compacting concrete, perfect for use where strong and durable floor slabs are required. Highly suitable for commercial and industrial projects.

For more information on any of our liquid screed services, please get in touch with us by calling us on 01366 858364 or 07584 257179. Our expert team are happy to advise on which product is best for your project.

  • It is a more conductive medium than sand cement screed.
  • It can be laid thinner than competing systems without detriment to its performance so any underfloor heating pipes are closer to the surface (minimum cover to pipes 30mm)
  • It can be force dried through underfloor heating commissioning process as early as 7 days after installation.
  • It can be laid as a floating construction over most types of rigis insulation board or acoustic foam at a minimum thickness of 40mm.
  • It is a very sustainable choice with a Synthetic Calcium Sulphate (Gypsum) binder making a screed with over 35% recycled content and the ability to recycle it at the end of the building’s life.
  • It offers significant program benefits as areas of up to 200m2 can be laid in one day.
  • Its very low shrinkage values mean you require less construction joints than cement based screeds.
  • It is protein free and will not harbour bacteria.
  • It can receive foot traffic 48 hours after placing and partitions can be erected 7 days after placing.
  • It is installed by trained and competent contractors who have invested in the necessary equipment to install the product correctly.
  • Sub-floor levelling.
  • For use with or without underfloor heating.
  • Unbonded, bonded or floating construction.
  • Ideal for both new build and renovation work.
  • Suitable for all residential and commercial floors carrying pedestrian traffic within BS 8204 classification.
  • Compatible with the majority of timber frame construction systems due to its density at 40mm thickness (80kg/m2).
  • Requires no reinforcement.
  • Displays minimal shrinkage and will not curl.
  • Requires fewer construction joints.
  • Does not need 75mm thickness to be sufficiently robust.
  • Can be specified by strength: 25/mm2 or 35mm2.
  • Is more sustainable, containing no cement and using over 35% recycled raw material.
  • Reduced screed depth compared to traditional sand cement mix minimising heat storage.
  • No damage to heating pipes with wheel barrows.
  • No voids around the heating pipes resulting to NO heat loss.
  • Can be forced dried after 7 days with the use of a dehumidifier or underfloor heating.

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What Our Clients Say

With lots of floor screeding companies to choose from in Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire and across the UK, it can be a tough choice to choose the right company. It's easy to say how great we are so here's a few testimonials from some of our clients:

Floor Screeding Client

“Thank you both an extremely good job done. We are very happy with end product and thank you for the advice and assistance offered form quote to installation. Tom has asked me to pass on his appreciation and says it was a pleasure to have you both on site.”

Ken & Jane
Floor Screeding Client

“During this construction of our new build we looked around at various liquid screed installers, we came across Liquid Screed Pumping who where highly recommended by our friends who used them on their self build.”

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Floor Screeding Norfolk
Floor Screeding Norfolk
Floor Screeding Norfolk
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